The Drive Home


The Drive Home, is the story of Ben. An aspiring writer who despite a lot of opposition from friends and family, quits his job to focus on becoming a professional writer. He and his best friend Taylor travel up the west coast to visit Ben’s sick father at a hospital in Spokane, Washington. While they make the journey, Ben uses the drive to find inspiration and begin writing his first novel. Little do the two companions know that a mysterious and gruesome trail of bodies follows them all the way up the west coast. By the time the pair have a chance to realize their predicament it may be too late for either of them to save themselves or countless others.”

Stay Posted! Here is the updated word/page count for The Drive Home: 

Approx.57,364 words / 218 pages


One thought on “The Drive Home

  1. Thanks for visiting ShadowSpinners, Sean. We’re just getting started with the blog, so it’s nice to have visitors. Your novel sounds great–like the combination of writer’s journey (classic–we all want to quit our day jobs, don’t we?) and serial killer thriller.

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