The Author

There’s a lot more to me than meets the eye. As stated in previous posts, you know that I am a man of many talents and skills, and I hope to utilize them all in my future endeavors. After graduating high school I began working at a pizza restaurant while I worked on a degree oriented towards stage acting and production. In just over a years time I was promoted to a manager and took on a plethora of new responsibilities.

 photo (1)           Staff, money, and business management quickly became my area of expertise over the next five years. I took to the new position like wildfire, expanding my skill set and broadening my horizons. During this time I studied new fields I had become interested in and grew to love the various forms of storytelling related to video game development: animation, gameplay, screenplay and script writing. From this interest I took to focusing on an education in Game and Simulation Development. I became quite skilled in computer programming and animation for what classes and resources I had access to. From that I was able to watch as my stories that I had written so many times before, began blooming before my eyes with computer models moving about on my computer screen.

As much as I enjoy these other forms of story telling I could never stay away from writing. Plain and simple, pen and paper(sometimes keyboards), writing. I turned two page college papers into twelve page novelettes and kept creating new worlds beneath the ink of my pen in my spare time. That is what brings me to where I am today, working on my novel looking to tell each and everyone of you a thrilling story.

A few extra, interesting bits of information about myself. I own three ferrets, two boys and one girl. The boys are both growing quite old, but they’re still kicking and obnoxious as ever. My writing companion, as you’ve seen in my post, “Writer’s Block,” is a small Shih Tzu named Chewie. He was named this because of the obvious reason, Star Wars, and the fact that he really does chew on absolutely everything he can get his teeth on. They’re all mine and my girlfriend Chelsea’s ridiculous animals and we wouldn’t trade them for anything.

This sums me up fairly well, there’s a bit more in my future and past that’s for me to know, and if my future occurs the way it should you’ll all find out soon enough. If you have any questions or comments about me, my pets, education feel free to let me know and thanks for learning a bit more about me.

Sean Kelly


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