You’re Such A Character!

Let’s talk a bit about our main character in ‘The Drive Home:’ Ben. Who is he and where does he come from? Ben lives in Grants Pass, Oregon and has for the better part of his life. During high school, he moved up to Spokane, Washington, to live with his father for a couple years.  During his time in Spokane, he met an amazing girl that loves him, takes care of him, and most importantly, calls him on his bullshit. That was Lynn.  Although she says that she supports his dream to become a writer, she often feels that she knows best and tends to plan Ben’s life for him. This is apparent when he quits his job of seven years as a line-cook at ‘Frank’s Restaurant.’ He feels as though he’s wasted his life there, so he quits. But she takes it upon herself to secure his former position, “just in case writing is only a fad,” and he comes to his senses.  She just doesn’t seem to realize that Ben quit his job for a reason:  to write his first novel and hopefully, one day, become a well established author.

Ben has never rubbed anyone the wrong way; he never was one for conflict. That’s why his decision to quite was such a shock to everyone.

His friends and acquaintances enjoyed his company, and he enjoyed everyone else’s.  Ben is just a normal everyday guy, who finally made a decision to change his life. Who can say they haven’t wanted to do the exact same thing?

Taylor, his best friend, has known him for years. They have supported each other for their entire lives; even after Taylor left his job at Frank’s to work at a bank. They had the type of friendship that is rare, so when Ben told Taylor of his plans, Taylor climbed on board for the road trip immediately, even though he wasn’t initially invited to tag along.

These two pals embark on an ideal road trip to Washington, stopping wherever they please, enjoying good beer, beautiful scenery, and the freedom of the open road. The trouble begins when a strange trail of bodies begins to follow them up the west coast. Ben’s focused attention keeps him oblivious to the terrors trailing behind them.  While he keeps his nose in his notepad and his mind in the clouds, Taylor quickly and abruptly realizes what’s happening. Suffice it to say, their problems only amass from there…

And, so ends my first character analysis. I hope you enjoyed this fun way to explain a bit of my protagonists background, and give everyone a bit of insight into the beginning of my story of: ‘The Drive Home.’


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