Let’s Put The Content On The Table

So, I’ve done it. I have finished my first draft of The Drive Home and it feels great. I’m going to ignore it for a week or two and allow a few close friends take a red ink pen to it. One of my closest friends has assured me that he would catch any and all spelling and grammar errors and that he was going to, “make it bleed red ink.”  I told him, bring it on. I love constructive criticism, as an actor in high school, if I wasn’t acting up to par with the directors vision, she would let me know. As much as I enjoyed arguing with her, I took all the criticism and applied it where necessary and I knew it only improved my work. After my editors go to town on my novel, I will take a red pen to it myself and rework, rewrite, and add/subtract whatever is necessary to make it outstanding. Until then I need to keep myself busy, and keep myself writing.

So I have a few posts lined up for the upcoming weeks and am looking forward to sharing more about myself, writing, and The Drive Home with all of you. So for my first post, I decided to upload a sample table of contents in which I made up short, clever titles that I felt summed up the chapters nicely. I thought it would be fun to show it to all of you so that it might spur your imagination about the story. Now, it is just a working table of contents, but looking back at it was a fun trip down memory lane. Enjoy!

The Drive Home


Sean Kelly


  1. The Big Fight

  2. A Mistake or Two

  3. Get Outta Dodge

  4. An Old Friend

  5. An Angel in Mt. Angel

  6. Rude Awakening

  7. A Nightmarish Dream

  8. The Best Jerky in Oregon

  9. A Romp in the Woods

  10. Hot on the Trail

  11. Fishing Hole

  12. Walla Walla Sweets

  13. Just Desserts in the Desert

  14. Father of Mine

  15. Up the Creek

  16. Knock, Knock

Can you guess as to what any of the chapters might be about?


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