The Raising Of The Curtain

It’s that time we’ve all been waiting for, time for me to unveil my debut novel, The Drive Home. I’ve surpassed the midway point of my 150(min) page goal and as promised, this will be the first reveal of my story. This work of fiction will be my inauguration into the world of published writers, and is a story that follows along the lines of that age-old saying, “Write what you know.” Often times I find myself writing a vast variety of fiction that is usually far from ‘realistic.’ But in order to make a connection with the audience in this novel I’ve taken names, places, conversations, and situations from everyday life and worked them into the story. Because the primary concept behind, The Drive Home, is rather out of the ordinary, I needed to find ways to bridge the gap between unorthodox and realistic. That’s where the aspects pulled from everyday life come in. “Ok, enough. What’s this story you’ve been babbling on about?” You’re right, let’s get down to it, so without further ado, the synopsis of: The Drive Home.

The Drive Home, is the story of Ben. An aspiring writer who despite a lot of opposition from friends and family, quits his job to focus on becoming a professional writer. He and his best friend Taylor travel up the west coast to visit Ben’s sick father at a hospital in Spokane, Washington. While they make the journey, Ben uses the drive to find inspiration and begin writing his first novel. Little do the two companions know that a mysterious and gruesome trail of bodies follows them all the way up the west coast. By the time the pair have a chance to realize their predicament it may be too late for either of them to save themselves or countless others.”

Well, that’s about the size of it, a bit vague I know, but I’m still trying to keep a bit of mystery and intrigue. There’s so much more to be revealed and experienced with this tale, and I look forward to us experiencing it together! I hope this sounds like something you’ll all enjoy, please spread the word and tell your friends, and remember to keep checking back for more as the writing process continues!


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