Who Says Unorganized Is A Bad Thing?

What type of writer am I? Am I a romantic awaiting Juliet in the pages of a book, or a serial killer lurking in the shadows of the dust cover? Do I journey beyond the stars or send readers back to a simpler time, lacking modern technology? Deciding to become a writer can be difficult, trying to decide on a writing style, a genre, or an audience can be even more difficult. How do you know just what to write about? Well, that’s where the problem comes in doesn’t it? You don’t.

When you begin writing you often times don’t know the answer to any of these questions. People will often tell you to plan out your story before you begin writing. You should decide on an audience. Then you should decide on a genre for your story and then decide just how gritty, or not, it will be. This is one train of thought that really does make a lot of sense. Usually this mind-set goes hand in hand with outlining your story, either in great detail or just a chapter breakdown. This method really does work, I’ve used it myself. The method I prefer though, is sitting down and just starting to write something, anything and eventually the story will form.

It’s a much more unorthodox method for writing but for many people all the planning and outlining doesn’t do any good, some just need let the creativity show up when it decides to. For the novel I’ve been writing, I have been doing a mixture of both. I began planning and outlining to get myself started.Wrote a few chapters that stood out in my mind. Then I hit writers block. So to get past that I just started writing, I began with character descriptions or lines I could hear them saying. Then I moved onto descriptions and impressions of locations and eventually the story pieces began to just form.

So try some different methods to generate creativity for you writing, see which ones work best for you. How do you get started writing something? Do you use one of these methods I talked about above, or do you have a different way to get the creativity flowing through your pen or pencil? I’d love to hear if one of these has worked for you, or if there is something unique that you do when writing.


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