Ready, Set, Write!

Welcome Everyone!

My name is Sean Kelly and the only thing that truly matters to me is a good story.  Nothing short of the real thing can make you feel the way a truly good story does.  My entire life I’ve listened, watched, played and read so many good stories that I knew one day I would carry on this legacy and bring vivid worlds and characters to life like so many before me.  Recently I took steps to ensure that I can spend as much time as possible writing my first full length, publishable novel.  I’ve begun research to ensure accuracy, I’ve purchased all the needed supplies (including lots of energy drinks), and I’ve quit my job so that I may dedicate my life to my chosen vocation.  Storytelling.  This will be my first venture into the mainstream and from start to finish I hope to bring you along on my journey to becoming a published writer.  I hope that by the time I near the end of my novel, to start a Kickstarter project to fund the different aspects of book publishing, editing, publishing, cover artwork, and marketing. Although the absolute best reason to start a Kickstarter campaign is to get the book directly into readers hands. With most Kickstarter projects when someone makes a contribution they usually receive a copy of the product, so not only is it beneficial to me financially but it gets the story directly into your hands once published!  So please, follow me on this journey and we will learn and experience this together and please feel free to leave comments and questions about, well just about anything!


Sean Kelly


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